Blue Jeans Go Green

The Blue Jeans Go Green™ denim recycling program was created by Cotton Incorporated to emphasize the natural and sustainable attributes of cotton and to offer people the opportunity to give back to their community in a unique way. The program is designed to give old denim new purpose by recycling worn denim into housing insulation. The denim recycling program keeps textile waste out of landfills and helps with home building efforts in communities around the country.

Each fall, the Blue Jeans Go Green™ program partners with student groups at select colleges across the country. Student groups take on the responsibility of holding their own denim drive on campus and in their communities. Since 2006, over 50 different colleges and universities have collected denim on campuses contributing to the 1,500,000+ pieces of denim collected since the program’s inception.

Market Share Sports currently manages the Blue Jeans Go Green™ Fall College Program. The partnership with Cotton Incorporated began in the fall of 2014. Students at Stephen F. Austin State University, the University of South Carolina and Hofstra University participated in the 2016 Blue Jeans Go Green™ Fall College program.

Highlights and Objectives:

  • Partner with on-campus, student organizations
  • Create program awareness through campus/community activities and PR
  • Promote student lead program initiatives through various campus outlets (newspaper, email blasts, digital newsletters, campus events, etc.)
  • Over 57,000 pieces of denim have been collected for recycling during our time with the program
  • Create relationships with each campus that can be leveraged for future programs