Campus Blitz

This is an exciting time for brands to engage with the 19.9M college students in the United States! Today’s students:

  • Are passionate, loyal and eager to make a difference in this world.

  • Would rather do stuff than buy stuff! They love experiences!

  • Are making independent brand choices for the first time.

  • Trust recommendations from peers vs traditional advertising.

  • Directly control $212B in buying power!

How Campus Blitz Works For You

Campus Blitz® is designed to help brands engage with students when they are making independent brand choices for the first time. Our customized, on-campus marketing activations scale quickly and are designed to start or strengthen relationships w/ today’s college students and their social network.

Campus Blitz Brand Engagements Are Designed To:

  • Integrate Brands into College Life
  • Target by Region, Interests, Gender and/or School Calendar
  • Drive Trial, Awareness and Loyalty
  • Create Turnkey Experiences Scaled for Your Budget


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